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ManOnTheSpot aspires to provide excellent On-Demand, Same Day and On-Time pick up and delivery Service 24/7 year round without fail.

Your Packages will be picked up “Swiftly” and delivered with Urgency. Whatever needs to be delivered and wherever it needs to be. ManOnTheSpot will deliver it for YOU “On-Time with Time to Spare”.

ManOnTheSpot’s management team has over 30 years experience in Courier, Logistics and Service Process industry.

ManOnTheSpot strives to increase your revenue by reducing your logistics and administrative expenses.

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ManOnTheSpot is your go to Courier and Logistics provider.

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Seattle’s most reliable and experienced, courier logistics and process server service. ManOnTheSpot offers 24/7 customer service, experienced drivers, expedited shipments serving the whole Washington State.


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The Green Initiative

ManOnTheSpot is committed to business practices that lead to a sustainable environmental future and improvements in the communities where we do business.

ManOnTheSpot will vigorously maintain compliance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations and will continually strive to reduce impact on the environment.

What People Are Saying

We take pride in delivering first class service to all of our customers. Read what some of our very satisfied customers have said about us!

“Fewer vehicles on the roads mean cleaner air. That isn’t so hard to comprehend. We need to use Mass Transit and let the professional driver handle our deliveries. What a concept. It sure will save the Planet if we all adhered to this Green Initiative to Save Our Planet.”

“Hi ManOnTheSpot; because of you, our expenses have actually gone down. We don’t have to pay $4.00 to $5.00 per gallon for gasoline. Also, we don’t have to pay those ridiculous surcharges the other couriers and delivery companies charge.” You are the best at serving customers.”

“ManOnTheSpot drivers are always courteous and on time. We never have to worry about losing a customer because of bad deliveries or drivers with bad attitudes. We are very grateful to have someone like ManOnTheSpot on our team.”

“ManOnTheSpot made my day when they served a person who has been avoiding me for 2 years. Thank you for your ingenious way of serving a summons on an absconder.”

“ManOnTheSpot served a great cause when we needed to transport an organ to be transplanted, from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR, in a matter of four hours. You guys all are really great at what you do.”

“ManOnTheSpot saves us a lot of legal headaches by making sure our service of processes are complete and served promptly and correctly and the declarations are signed and returned to our office.”

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