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ManOnTheSpot has been helping Washingon based businesses with their courier needs for more than 30 years. Based in Seattle, WA, we are proud to say that we are locally owned and operated. Throughout the years, we’ve been known to be the most available and reliable courier logistics team for on-time, same-day delivery service in the region. This is due to our experienced management team and capable courier team, making more than 500 deliveries per day.

Our large fleet and extensive courier logistics partner network allows us to cover massive service areas such as Seattle, Tacoma, throughout the states of Washington, Oregon & Idaho. We are always “On-Demand, On-time with Time to Spare.”

However, ManOnTheSpot is different from other couriers. We understand that the nature of our business creates a huge impact in the environment. We’ve developed a stratigc plan to become an environmentally sustainable organization.

We are committed to fostering a sustainable future to the earth, to our clients and to the communities we do business with.

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Our Green Initiative

ManOnTheSpot has launched a “Save the Planet” Campaign. We invite and welcome the business Community to join hands with us in reducing carbon emissions and carbon footprints by removing the amount of vehicles on our city streets, highways, interstate, and road.

We have launched our “Save the Planet” Campaign by picking up documents and small packages under quantity of ten (50) pounds downtown Seattle to Bellevue and vice versa for only $50.00 per address. Multiple packages going to the same building but different suites? The price for each additional suite is only $15.00

Our Services

We Specialize In

Barricade Permits

Need reserved parking for your move? We can help you get in front of your building. We will setup barricades and purchase a truck permit on your behalf.

Courier Logistics

Our experienced team can help you get your packages wherever you need them to be. On demand, On time and Same day. We are well equipped to meet your shipping needs.

Process Server

Serving your legal papers doesn’t need to be complicated. Our team can help you deliver your legal papers, subpoenas and affidavits. Our service makes this a breeze.

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