Courier & Logistics

ManOnTheSpot works to provide same day on-demand, on-time pick-up and delivery service. We will be there for you “On-Time with Time to Spare”.

Same Day Courier Service in Seattle, WA.

On-Demand, On-Time and Same Day is our niche.

ManOnTheSpot has been providing same day delivery options since 1990, we are a leading provider of same day courier, barricade permits and process server services in Seattle, WA, Tacoma,WA, & through-out Washington, Oregon & Idaho.

We provide the following same day services:


Super Hot Direct Delivery--1 hour or less


Hot 1-2 hour(s) Delivery


Rush 2-5 Hours delivery


Regular Routes 4-5 Hours Delivery (Bio Lab, Payroll Checks, Mail, Multi-Packages, Specimen, etc,)

You can count on ManOnTheSpot for:

24/7 Customer Service: We pride ourselves in having customer service as our core competency. We are available at your beck-n-call all year round!

On-Demand and On-Time: You can count on ManOnTheSpot to swiftly and urgently pick up your packages and get it delivered to wherever it needs to be. ManOnTheSpot will deliver it for YOU “On-Time with Time to Spare”. 

Professional & Friendly Staff: Our management team has over 30 years experience in courier logistics, process server and barricade permits. You can rely on our experienced team to get it done!



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