Legal Process Server

ManOnTheSpot serves subpoenas and legal notices. We will served the right party and deliver the right legal notices.

Process Serving Rush Specialists in Seattle, WA.

Professional and Swift Delivery at a Competitive Price.

ManOnTheSpot has over 30 years of experience in serving legal documents. We have served just about everything from mortgage defaults to family matters. We work around the clock and know the best times to serve individuals depending on their occupation and lifestyle. We are experts in finding people you would like to serve legal documents to.

Our clients are:


Collection Agencies


Corporate Offices


Law Firms


Individual Lawyers


Leasing & Rental Agencies


Private Lawyers


Private Individuals

When you need legal documents served, no company does the job faster and more professionally than ManOnTheSpot

You can count on ManOnTheSpot for:

24/7 Customer Service: We pride ourselves in having customer service as our core competency. We are available at your beck-n-call all year round!

On-Demand and On-Time: You can count on ManOnTheSpot to swiftly and urgently pick up your Legal Documents and Serve or Deliver them to wherever they need to be. ManOnTheSpot will Serve & Deliver them for YOU “On-Time with Time to Spare”.

Professional & Friendly Staff: Our management team has over 30 years experience in courier logistics, process server and barricade permits. You can rely on our experienced team to get it done!